Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our December Baby!

Thanks to my AWESOME vacation over the holidays and Blogger not cooperating, I'm just getting around to sharing our December with you all....but with the joy of collages, I'll be able to do that in just a few posts.

December was a BIG month for our family!  Our baby, (which makes my heart hurt because I won't be able to say that for much longer :(  )  turned 2!
In Anibal family style, we had donuts for breakfast!  EIV was so exciting when he stacked them all by himself.  
And his birthday party was football theme.  Football cake and lots and lots of game-day food (e.g. hot dogs, brats, nachos, popcorn, pretzels, peanuts, etc).  I was too busy enjoying every minute and everyone who helped us celebrate to take the cake is all you get.

And some of EIV's favorites at two are:
-Little Einsteins
-Mickey Mouse
-Jake & the Neverland pirates
-playing anything with balls involved (yes, that too!.....he IS a boy!!) but especially throwing a baseball and kicking a football.  It is amazing how good he is at it!!  Thanks daddy for those awesome genes!!
-Oat bran with yogurt
-Chicken Nuggets
-Sucking his thumb
-Yankee blanket
-going for a drive anywhere
-running, running, running

So now we embark on year #3.
The 'piss and vinegar' has started to emerge....gotta love the terrible 2's!!

We love you dear EIV and thank the Lord for you (and your health) each and every day!!


Katie said...

I love how's he's beaming with pride over his donut snack. So cute!

Jamie said...

Mine is close behind, with birthday number 2 coming in Feb. Love the "favorites", gonna borrow that if you don't mind :)

Adam and Nichole Lewis said...

Aww...I made the list! And above shoes...I'm not sure this order is correct. ;)

Oh Little, EIV. He's grown up so much so quickly! You're one lucky Mommy. :D