Monday, January 14, 2013


I'm in trouble.
The days are passing me by and getting me more and more behind (shocking!) with my blogging.

The Trouble is....Blogger is not cooperating with me.
I'm having one heck of time uploading pictures, regardless of what computer I use.

An although I'm sure you all just LOVE my rantings and writings, I know it's the pictures; mostly those of my adorable munchkins, that you really want to see.

My goal for the evening is to tackle this trouble and put an end to it.

Thanks for your patience :)


Katie said...

Blogger has been irking me too! Good luck to you.

SDI said...

Hey! I have been having problems again too with uploading?! Hmm...
I let you know if I can resolve anything?!

Adam and Nichole Lewis said...

Is it a browser issue? I haven't had any issues at all. I keep checking on it at home and keep forgetting to check on your status with it. I have the option from my phone, too. At home, I use Firefox.