Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2013 2014!

With the craziness of the holiday season, and the fact that we were in Vegas for a week, my family didn't celebrate 'Christmas' together until January 4th.

Personally, I like that the past few years we have celebrated well after 12/25.  It allows some of the holiday madness to subside, and gives us more time to just be together, and not have to worry about running off to the next gathering.

We all gathered at the Lodge, at the lake.  We ate, chatted, ate, played cards, ate, played in the snow, ate some more and just enjoyed each other.  It was relaxing and perfect.
The pictures aren't great (or nearly enough), but they'll have to do.
Total fail on my NEITHER of our Christmases did I capture a picture of Grandpa/Grandma and their grandchildren.  Shame on me.  MUST make that a priority!!!
I also need some picture of me and Ed with our kids.  2014 Priority #238.
The list is getting long.

Ok..regardless of my fails on the photo-end
fun was had by all!

The girls kicked uncle Jason's butt in UNO

Aunt Abby totally photo-bombed this one!!

Who would have thought that a huge chunk of prime rib would make him so happy!  So cute and funny!

The kids getting ready to start the present craziness!  I just noticed that I don't have on single picture of EIV!  Another fail!

Aunt Angie gearing up for her ugly sweater party!


Katie said...

I'd be really happy if I were gnawing on a chunk of prime rib, too!

SDI said...

Precious moments time hand off that camera! :) So hard to actually do. And I am with you spread out the joy and family time, so you actually GET family time.