Sunday, January 5, 2014

Partying like a 3 y/o Rock Star!

Ok...I've been on hiatus the past few weeks.  Between birthday parties, illnesses (strep and croup), a trip to the hospital, a week vacation in Vegas, Christmas, New Year's Eve, another Christmas, being prego, and just everything else in between....I decided to take a blog-vacation I guess. 
Now with less than 13 weeks before baby arrives, I need to do some major catching up.
Let's start with the Rock Star 3 year old's birthday.

The Anibal tradition continues.
Donuts are the staple Birthday Breakfast.

See the joy in their eyes (and their mouths)....That's why donuts are the best for birthday breakfast!!

Then we had a Team Umizoomi style party.

Complete with a 'Bot' photobooth for all to enjoy:

What an enjoyable evening with family.
Great memories made.
Happy 3rd little man! 
We love you!


Jamie said...

Happy 3rd Birthday EIV! F is right behind you come Feb 21. You boys are growing up too quickly!

Katie said...

Fun boy, fun celebration! Love you, E IV!