Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Review....of 2013


2013 was exhilarating,  full of blessings and of course….exhausting!

I always like doing a quick year in review.

It allows me to cherish the memories made during the past year and actually helps me to remember a few of them  J

So, here’s my best go:

(Disclaimer – you totally know that I’m going to forget SOMETHING or SOMEONE.  I apologize in advance!)

Jan – Started the 2013 Joy Jar to collect memories throughout the year; Had a hard time getting back into the routine after a long Christmas break;  Had a week long work trip to Vegas; really enjoyed time with my 2 nieces in Vegas; ice fishing at Papa’s lake;

Feb – The kids made an adorable ‘love’ sign for Valentine ’s Day; Celebrated CHD Awareness week selling suckers for Heart Heroes; Work trip to Vegas and Cali; got to spend the week with my dear friend—what memories made!  (Remember watching the helicopter rescue)

Mar – Ed celebrated his 46th; our niece celebrated her 4th and we had the BEST egg rolls to eat thanks to my father and mother in law visiting; surprised the girls with Taylor Swift Tickets (that was awesome); concert with sister and friends was so much fun!

Apr – My big brother turned 40!  Holy crap!; I forgot to take Easter pictures and didn’t color eggs; EIV loved saying ‘fire truck’…or something like that; Hosted the first (of many to come) Family Events for Heart Heroes – was a huge success at the Children Museum; fully committed to Heart Heroes (love my heart mama friends!);  Bon Jovi!

May- had stinkin SNOW on May 1st!  YUCK!!!; E fell in LOVE with Track (high jump in particular); H started her spring soccer season.  Go Pink Cheetahs!; Got to spend time with our dear friend Ralph; Bob, the gnome was welcomed into our family; Memorial Day included catching tons of Master Angle fish at the lake

Jun – H mastered her bike riding skills; Boys Town debuted the billboard with the kids on it; We had our annual 4th of July block party (EARLY!); our sweet friends moved away L boo….;  E jumped her personal best 3’4” in the last meet of the season , and scored the gold; we got to play on the huge slides downtown; we fell in love with the best nanny in the WORLD!! Love you T!

Jul – Heart Heroes was featured on the NBC Nightly News; Ed and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary with a fun, relaxing weekend in NE City!  Spent lots of time at the lake; Spent the 4th with my brother and his family; EIV got a really bad case of ecoli;

Aug – H turned 7!! No way!!  We had a spectacular summer birthday bash at grandpa’s lake!!  We devoured 2 HUGE Eileen’s cookies. YUM! School starting with a 2nd and 3rd grader.  EIV injured his sister with a toy to her head (resulting in a scar she will have for life!); we discovered (and were SHOCKED) that #4 was on his way; trip to North Platte for a wedding and searching for our faces on billboards along the way! 

Sept -- EIV celebrated his 2nd Heartiversary (Praise the Lord);  E gave cross country a try; We volunteered at the Omaha Marathon;

Oct – Finally shared our baby news with the kids (they were stoked!);  Dierks/Miranda concert with my sis!; My baby turned 9!  9…..last year of single digits; our first girls birthday shopping trip was a success! We traveled to Eastern Iowa for good food and GREAT FRIENDS;  Got to see Ed SO HAPPY when we went to Antique Archaeology (too cute!); Halloween saw a witch, black cat and pumpkin; Heart Heroes SUPER RUN!!!  AWESOME!! 

Nov—God blessed me with another year and my dad 60; had a family dinner sans the littles…it was really nice!!  Watched my brother get the high score on a punching bag game during that dinner celebration was the highlight!! Our kitty found a new home L AMAZING finish to a HUSKER game with a bestie!  Tank tops in Nov and Doozy’s J; Gender reveal party was a BLAST!!!!!!  P!NK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec—my little man turned 3 and moved into a big boy bed; Our Christmas trip to Vegas; New Year’s Eve with family and good friends; reading all the memories from the Joy Jar
I'm stilling hoping to put together a 2013 collage, but will see what time allows.
Hope as you reflect on the past year, it warms your heart!
All the best from our family to yours for an amazing 2014!

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