Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Very Vegas Christmas!

We were so lucky this year to spend a week, including Christmas, in Vegas with our family!
We've been back to Vegas several times since we moved in 2008, but never for a holiday. (shame on us!).
The next best thing to seeing our family and friends was the WEATHER!!!  it was 60-65* every day.  Pretty sure the average temp in Omaha during the same time period was at best 20*.

We did the perfect combination of relaxing (aka sitting on our arses and eating) and vacationing (aka going, going going, chase, chase, chase).

We spent good quality time with Ed's parents and his brother Mike's family (including our 2 adorable nieces!!).  Unfortunately for us, (Awesome for her!!) our other niece headed home to Dallas to be with her mom and dad.  We were so bummed; but will catch up in June! yay!!!

Kr is a beautiful 20-something year old(didn't think she'd appreciate me sharing her age), cheerleader at UNLV, who has the kindest, sweetest heart on the planet.  Ky is a super adorable 9 year old, who is gentle and tolerant and just amazing.  We soaked up every single minute with them.

We went to the Christmas village, Bellagio's fountains and botanical gardens (my FAVE in all of Vegas), Saw the Grinch made 100% out of chocolate; Ed golfed with his dad and brother, ate amazing food (Capriotti's, In N Out, Ethel M, tamales), caught up with tons of family/friends at the Christmas Eve Soup Kitchen, were surprised that Santa found us in Vegas, Enjoyed the beautiful luminaries, laughed our butts off playing games on Christmas (can we make Penny go EVERY TIME!!); Ed had a night out with friends, I got to see not one, but TWO of my besties, the kids reconnected with TnT (which is always just so natural and PERFECT!); went to the Container Park (COOL!), saw Frozen, caught a UNLV BB game (which my daughters watched from a suite! -- Thanks Uncle Mike!), etc etc etc. 
A whole lot of fun wrapped into one week!
Simply was AWESOME!
Thanks Mom and Dad, Mike, Penny, Kristy, Jeff and Kylea for everything.  We loved every single minute!

p.s.  Can't you see that EIV is in picture-stinker mode!?!?!?  Hilarious.



One final shout out:  This week wouldn't have been possible if not for Tatum staying at the house and watching our other baby.  Our big, fat, furry baby, who needs a lot of attention!  Thanks sugar.


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Katie said...

E IV is quite the ham! A little of that Vegas warmth right now would be ok with me.