Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Total Blur

I want to believe that it is only October 7th!
I have to keep reminding myself that we are now nearly half way through November.
The reason I'm having such a difficult time is because the entire month of October was seriously a BLUR to my and my family!

In one month we:
-flew to Vegas for a week to celebrate Ed's parent's 50th Anniversary
-returned late on Tuesday night and taped the first session of the Hearts of Hope video on Wednesday morning
-returned to work on Thursday
-attended a work benefit dinner Thursday night
-made a cake for my nephew's first birthday party
-Saturday swimming lessons and the final volleyball game
-traveled out of town for the weekend to celebrate the birthday party
-Managed to make it to work Monday morning
-Wednesday - Hit Sgt Peffers restaurant for the end of the year soccer party; ran to my brother's to see my mom; ran to the store to pick up donuts for breakfast; Stayed up WAY TOO late making E's b-day cake
-Celebrated E's 8th birthday party on Thursday with family and friends
-Attempted to finalize the project that I've been working on for the past year on Friday (before we disseminate the content to the entire country!)
-Saturday, swimming again, groceries, last minute planning for my week-long work trip, attended the Midwest Heart Connection's Hearts of Hope banquet (got home later than I planned and guess what....still needed to pack!)
-Sunday, departed for Vegas, stayed until Wednesday, then drove to Santa Anna....then drove back to Vegas on Friday and flew home on Saturday; walked in my door at 7:38pm
-Made Halloween costumes on Sunday AFTER spending 3+ hours at the pumpkin patch; attempted to do my laundry and assess the grocery situation
-Monday - sat through training (almost all day)
-Tuesday - retirement party AND going away party at work
-Wednesday - Halloween, late night, tired babies....

WHEW........I'm exhausted all over again just recanting it. (and am pretty sure 1-3 days went unaccounted for in my list)
Needless to say, I have a lot to catch up on and just when I think that's a possibility, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here....I'm tired again.....

My 'to do' blog list is getting long.  I have great pictures and memories of the anniversary party, both birthday parties, the pumpkin patch and everything else in between.   I'm really hoping to crank some out this week/weekend.   They will be worth the wait.....

What can't wait a minute more is sleep....
Good Night All!

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Katie said...

B.U.S.Y! Time for some R & R. Maybe instead of fighting the crowds, we should do some Black Friday sleeping this year.