Wednesday, November 14, 2012

First Heartiversary

Two months ago today (September 14th), we celebrated EIV's first heartiversary!

 What is a Heartiversary you ask?

It is a celebration of God's miracles, His blessings, and our son's perfectly mended heart (or in layman's terms.....the one year anniversary of EIV's extremely successful open heart surgery!!)

And nothing SCREAMS healthy heart more than an 8 zillion calorie Eileen's Cookie!  YUM!! YUM! YUM!!

And before I knew it.....their faces were in the cookie.
Anyone who KNOWS my girls are NOT SHOCKED, NOR SURPRISED and likely EXPECTED this to happen!!!!


And EIV's was participating in the cookie smash whether he wanted to or not!
What a fun celebration of life!
As we celebrate EIV's health today, we are thankful!
Thankful for all of our family and friends who have and continue to give us love and support.
Thankful for Dr Sprague, Dr Duncan and Dr Delaney for their advocacy, expertise and care.
Thankful for Children's Hospital and all of the extraordinary care we received.
Thankful for so very, very much.
But most of all Thankful for our children, for their health and for their love.


Abby said...

These photos crack me up! I'm not surprised either that the girls started to smash their cute faces into the goodness of Eileen's cookie! He is the happiest little boy I know!!!

SDI said...

Totally celebrating with you! Love the frosting/cookie smashing, no better way to celebrate by having a little fun!