Monday, November 26, 2012


The fourth quarter of the year is the busiest for our family, as most families.
But this year in particular, October and November have been a complete blur. And I can assume December will be as well.
I'm as Type A as a person can get.
I want to do everything, and I mean everything, everything and a little more.....all at once!
Sleep, who needs it? (Right Katie!!??)
I needed a new perspective. 
I needed to find this sign today.  God knew I needed to find it.
I can't keep up this pace. 
My mental and physical health are suffering :)  Ed would attest to the mental health part :)

This sign and a 5am walk in 24 degree weather with a sweet friend (thanks S!) is what I needed today!

Anything will get done today........
but let me tell you Everything else can wait. :)
Happy Monday!


Katie said...

Love the saying! Sleep is for sissies! :)

Jamie said...

Very well put, I feel the same. Except today I really wanted to get everything done, had really high hopes this morning. But the day went quickly and I only got half of what I had wanted done and now it's way past my bedtime because I'm blogging! Oh well, tomorrow's a new day.