Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy 50th!

In October, Ed's parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.
The party (and the week together) were fabulous!

Would you believe that I didn't capture one single picture of just the happy couple!?!?!?

But I did capture:

One with all the grandchildren:

One of the little, cute grandchildren:


One of the gorgeous older granddaughters:


One of all the girls:
One of the ONLY grandson:
One with the ONLY daughter (and her daughter):
One with the daughter, joking around with her mom:
One with their friends:
One with their kids:
One of each of Ed's brothers and their wives:
One of Jr, III and IV:
One of us:
And most importantly, one of ALL of US!
Ed and MaryE - Congratulations again on 50 fabulous years. 
Thank you for being such a wonderful example of commitment and love!
P.S.  Ashley ---THANK YOU AGAIN and AGAIN for taking care of EVERYTHING!  We love you so much and appreciate everything!!!!!
P.S.S.  We had so, so, so much fun we just wanna know.....When's the next party!?!?!? 



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