Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Trick

Thanks Jimmy Kimmel for this idea!!

I'm NOT mean!  It's funny!!!

The Halloween treats, which are the pictures of the bag of popcorn, soda and monkey will follow shortly :)


Adam and Nichole Lewis said...

Omg. I love that you did this!! So funny!

Katie said...

Funny! We talked about doing this, but my kids would have never fallen for this because I let them watch Jimmy Kimmel's video from last year. They still talk about how funny it was. Next year I just want to actually eat all of their candy and sit back to watch the fallout. I'm afraid that E would run away though. You know how seriously she takes her treats.

Katie said...

You should try this trick on Ed sometime. I bet he would have the big tears and pouty lip.

SDI said...

Too funny! Not sure how you could keep a straight face! Great reactions, down to the kicking! WOW! :-)