Thursday, November 15, 2012


A few days after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast, we were watching the Nightly News while we prepared dinner.
The pictures were brutal and devastating. The people's emotions were raw and real. It hurt my heart.

E, speaking in an empathetic tone, said to me, "Mom, that's so sad.  Those people don't have food and they don't have houses.  I'm going to have a food drive for them." It was clear that she could see the pain in those people's faces.  She made the decision to do something about it!

"Awesome, Awesome idea honey!" I exclaimed! (as my heart now hurt from the pride and joy I was experiencing!)

She immediately began to make fliers. (I thought I took pictures, but guess I missed  it.)  They said, 'help those hurt by hurricane sandy. you can give corn, green beans, tomato sauce and cans. thank you." 
It was too cute!!
So over the course of the next week, E went door-to-door asking for canned goods.  She did it ALL herself.  I pulled the wagon and walked along, but she did all the advocating and asking!  She called her grandparents and aunt and uncles.

She collected 48 cans and $25!  Pretty impressive for an 8 year old.

The Red Cross couldn't accept the donation (cheaper for them to buy in bulk than to pay to sort and store small donations....makes sense!!) , so we went to a local church (Hope Presbyterian) who was having a specific drive for those in NY and NJ.  They were so grateful and impressed.  They took her picture and are going to feature her in the weekly bulletin. 

What an amazing, caring, thoughtful, giving, little lady we have!

It has always been so important to Ed and I that our kids learn how to give back to their communities and serve God by giving to those less fortunate.  This was all of those prayers and hopes becoming a reality.  It was so cool to see our little girl be so passionate about her cause and a true reminder of the good in the world.

Thanks to everyone who donated food or money!  You helped foster E's passion for helping others and your donations truly made a difference.


Adam and Nichole Lewis said...

She is one sweet little lady. :) I'm glad you found a church to accept her donations! How fun for her to be featured in their bulletin!

SDI said...

Super cool! Way to go E (& mommy & daddy) to have a sweet girl with such a giving heart!